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Its like having your MOM with you! 

Yes you could pack your own kit, but will you and will it be ready in time for the next emergency? 
The Mombies Bag more than meets the recommendations by FEMA and the American Red Cross. 

Be prepared by having food, water, and supplies  to last at least 72 hours 
As seen on The Survival Mom and heard on The Survival Mom Podcast
Hurricanes, floods, tornados, snow storms, and man-made disasters, terrorism, car break down, stranded, stuck in the snow, highway shut downs with nowhere to go....  

These are just a few reasons that could force you to evacuate on a moments notice or cause you to fend for yourself.   

What would you do if disaster struck?....

What if the worst-case scenario became reality?....

Wouldn't you rather be the one who has the supplies you need to take care of yourself and your family instead of the one waiting around frantic and desperate for help?

Mombies Bags provide peace of mind in a uncertain world. We offer simplified, realistic preparedness bags.   

The bag you have and hope to never have to use, but hope to have if you ever need it. 

Mombies Bags are not just for MOMS.....
Mombies- It is like having your MOM with you!
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