The Mombies Bag more than meets the recommendations by FEMA and the American Red Cross.


What if?  What if I was forced out of my home due to a natural or man-made disaster? What if I was stranded? What if I needed to survive on my own?  What if I needed to keep my family well and alive?  What if I couldn't rely on anyone but myself to survive?

It is the WHAT IF'S that pushed me to create the Mombies Bag.  

Yes there are other bags on the market, but what makes the Mombies Bag different is that a real mom created it.  A real mom tried and tested the products, a real mom thought about what it is that she would need to make it through the unthinkable. 

The Mombies Mom is a real mom who sees the value in making sure that she is prepared and ready to take on the challenges of surviving.  

We are capable MOMS who would rather have what we need rather than rely on others to take care of us.  We are the MOMS that have it together even when the world around us is falling apart.  We are MOMBIES.